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2018 Meet and Greet
2016 Meet and Greet
2014 Meet and Greet and Family Fashion Show
The 2014 Family Health Fair "Let's Move"
The 2014 Picnic and Games
The 2014 Dinner Program Banquet
The 2014 Family Worship Service
Greater Sunshine Baptist Church
Greater Sunshine Baptist  Church Welcome Banner for GJM Family Reunion
Family Reunion Memoriam Candle and Flower Bouquet
2012 GJM Family Reunion Meet and Greet/Opening Ceremonies Program
2012 GJM Family Health Fair
2012 GJM Family Reunion Group Photos
Taken at Shreveport Convention Center
GJM GROUP PHOTO Taken at Shreveport Convention Center
2012 GJM Evening of Elegance
2012 Family Skit- My Family's Keeper; The Voices of Six Women
My Familys Keeper-The Voices of Six Women. The Players (l or r: Mother-Ethel Davis, Friend-Virginia Kelly, Wife-Floris Gillyard-Lymore, Sister-Dominique Gillyard, Daughter-Sylvia Gillyard, 
Ancestor-Winnie Gilliard)
Ethel-Role of Mother
Virginia-Role of Friend
Floris-Role of Wife
Winnie-Role of Ancestor
Dominique-Role of Sister
Sylvia-Role of Daughter
2012 GJM Family Reunion/Sunday Worship Service
Reverend Jerry Davis, Pastor Sunshine Baptist Church
Sister Davis, Lula Mae Dixon, Pastor Davis
(l to r: Velma Dumas, Bettie Griggs, Lula Dixon, Daisy Reed, Glenda Terrell)
Glenda Terrell presents the GJM Lifetime Achievement Award to Lula Mae Dixon
(l to r: Will Gillyard, Gloria Jackson, Roderick Jackson and Linda Gillyard)
2010 Meet&Greet/Opening Ceremony/August 6, 2010
2010 Family Health Fair/August 6, 2010
Dr.Gretchen at work
Carl Martin and Inez Marshall receiving Medical Consultation
Medical Personnel volunteering services
Completing Health Fair Questionnaire
Blood Pressure Monitoring
Blood Pressure
Weigh In
James Brumfield and Melvin Gillyard receive Medical Consultation
Blood Pressure
2010 Pentathlon Games&Activities/August 7, 2010
2010 Group Photos
2010 Black and White Banquet/August 7, 2010
2010 Family Talent Show/August 7, 2010
Talent Show Participants
Sunday Worship Services/August 8, 2010-
Meet and Greet/August 1, 2008
Family Picnic/August 2, 2008
Banquet/Program/August 2, 2008
Family Talent Show/August 2, 2008
Church Worship/August 3, 2008
Family Historian, Bettie Gillyard Griggs
Family Ancestors, Founding members of Sunshine Baptist Church
Family with Sunshine Baptist Church Pastor
First Cousins
Georgia Mae and Lula Mae
Meet and Greet/ August 4, 2006
Family Picnic/August 5, 2006
Family Banquet/Program/Talent Show/August 5, 2006
Church Worship/August 6, 2006
Meet & Greet/August 6, 2004
Family Picnic/August 7, 2004
Family Talent Show/August 7, 2004
Banquet/Program/August 7, 2004
Church Worship/August 8, 2004
Family Historian, Bettie Gillyard Griggs